The International NeuroTech Network.
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We are a group of enthusiasts, hackers, researchers and entrepreneurs sharing our passion for neurotechnology in Montreal.

Our Goal

Our mission is to raise awareness about neurotechnology and promote innovation in the related fields through teaching, mentorship and networking.












Our Events

NeurotechMTL organizes many events such as meetups, technical workshops, hackathons, and brain-driven live performances and art events. We also provide innovation-focused talks and demos in schools and companies.


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Hack Nights

Explore, collaborate and push the limit of neurotechnology!

Our Team

Yannick Roy
Executive Director

Yannick earned his bachelor degree in electrical engineering and is a PhD candidate in neuroscience at Université de Montreal. Excited by emerging technologies and an entrepreneur by nature, Yannick is eager to leave his mark and impact lives of thousands of people with neurotechnologies.

Ferdinand Ephrem
Finance & Information Director

Ferdinand holds an MBA degree in Management Information Systems, and has more than 12 years of consulting experience. During his multidisciplinary career he has coordinated and implemented several Information Technology projects, and has expertise in Human Computer Interaction and in Brain Computer interfaces.

Sydney Swaine-Simon
Operations Director

Sydney has a background in Psychology and Computer Science and is a founding member of the District 3 innovation center, an incubator located at Concordia University. Passionate about new technologies, he manages its makerspace to increase the incubator's focus on education and building projects around emerging technologies.

Hubert Banville
Lead Developer & Content

Hubert is a neurotechnology enthusiast and a graduate student at MuSAE Lab, INRS University in Montreal, Canada. His interests are in signal processing and machine learning algorithms for flexible brain-computer interfaces and neurotechnology applications.

Nicomaque Jetté
Technical Director

From a Computer Science background and experience abroad in Cognitive Science, Nicomaque is now stying Electrical Engineering at the Université du Québec and aiming toward a specialization in transhumanism using neurotechnologies.

Mélanie Segado
Academia & International Director

Melanie loves brains and computers, and was understandably excited when she discovered that brain computer interfaces were a viable career option. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at McGill University and recently began developing BCI games as a participant in the Pixelles Game Incubator.

David Villegas Gonzalez
Lead Designer & Web

An engineer in profession and entrepreneur in spirit, David is passionate about technology and its potential to improve physical and mental capabilities.

Hua Ho
Marketing Director

Hua is a thinker and strategist who believes that knowledge is the key to community empowerment. Advocate for lifelong learning, he values the synergy of various areas of knowledge and seeks to consolidate it through application. Poverty alleviation, education and technology accessibility are causes that Hua cares about.

Jean-Luc Labelle
Fundraising & Sponsorship Director

After obtaining his CPA CMA title and spending 12 years working in Finance, Jean-Luc wanted to live the day-to-day life of game development and is now a production coordinator at a AAA game studio. Passionate about technologies, he founded MTLVR in early 2014, a monthly meetup dedicated to virtual reality.

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We hold events regularly, from weekly hack nights, to social meetups and hackathons. Join us at our events!
We are open to everyone,no matter their levels of expertise, and we would love to hear from you.

We are also part of an international network spread across the globe with our own Hackathons, Meetups,and Conferences organized at a larger scale.

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